About Us...

We are in a Global Digital Revolution of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • The work space is constantly being shaped by digital technology. The urgent demand for digital and social-behavioral skills (21st Century skills) has become overwhelming – Critical and Analytical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Application of Technology. A recent report produced by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) indicates that between 2020 and 2030 Africa will have 230 million job opportunities and $130 billion revenue opportunities in the digital space alone.
  • African countries are battling with the unprecedented challenge of updating educational system designed for past generations. There is an URGENT NEED for the continent skill and upskill young people in market-driven digital technology . This will help to attract and retain foreign investors in tech-driven industries and create millions of jobs while helping with the tech-manpower needed to make AfCTA(African Free Continental Trade Agreement) a boom. The core object of AFTECH-MANPOWER ARENA is to help produce a sustainable platform for the training and deployment of relevant tech-manpower to close the gap in the very dynamic digital space.
  • Our faculty consist of top-notch subject matter and industry experts. Our fellows get the “Unfair Advantage” of learning various in-demand 21st century skills including, Critical Thinking; How to start and run a tech-business; Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving; Leadership and community service. They learn how to write a business plan and pitch a business.

Why Hire An AFTECH-Fellow?

AFTECH Fellows are hands-on, knowledgeable and innovative in various in-demand tech-skills. They have the “UnFair Advantage” of learning extra 21 century skills of critical thinking and problem solving techniques while utilizing real life situation to learn how to start and run a small tech-enterprise.

Partnership Opportunities

  1. ALUMNI CATEGORY: Support Young members, especially the unemployed and under-employed to get into a rewarding career in the tech space

  2. COMMUNITY CATEGORY: Empower young people in your community to get jobs and create tech-start-ups. We can work together to run your community to a tech-recruitment

  3. CUSTOM CATEGORY: Share your ideas on how we can collaborate to better attract, train and facilitate tech-careers for young people across the continent